1. Thou shalt think mobile first

2. Thou shalt love thy integration

3. Thou shalt embrace native-functionality

4. Thou shalt know thy users' location

5. Thou shalt be context-specific

6. Thou shalt measure everything

7. Thou shalt think beyond phones

8. Thou shalt honour thy users' bandwidth

9. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbours' apps

10. Thou shalt be seamless across devices

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Lists aren't for everyone. Some people need to see things in a powerpoint presentation before it really sinks in. Fear not though, for behold! The Mobile Marketing Commandments is available on slideshare for all you powerpoint fiends.

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Tired of looking at this beautiful website on a screen? Want to get your colleagues thinking about mobile? Have a stain on the wall you need to cover up? Then download the high-res Mobile Marketing Commandments print!

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Mike is a strategic planner doing social and mobile plannery things at an agency in London. In his spare time he likes to play around with the internet and make stuff. You can see some of his other projects here.

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